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TEXT4BAGS – Bag Check Software

How great would service be at your hotel if you have bags delivered to rooms before guests even open the doors, got rid of paper bag check tickets, and allowed cashless mobile tipping? Five Stars.

TEXT4BAGS is not an App.

It’s a module that helps you effectively manage hotel porterage through our ticketless software platform, SMS Valet. TEXT4BAGS turns bag storage into a revenue stream but there are so many other reasons hotels and property managers use it. The module:

  • Integrates with PMS
  • Reduces theft and long-term storage
  • Eliminates costly paper bell tickets with reusable bag tags (Bag Tags are customizable)
  • Decreases number of mishandled or lost bags claims (bags are photographed, and storage location is noted)
  • Tracks bags so you know where they’re stored at all times

Enhanced guest experiences

TEXT4BAGS delivers a VIP guest experience to every hotel guest. You will:

  • Streamline bag check and the bell porterage process
  • Improve communication between front desk and bell stand
  • Manage bag requests efficiently through Dynamic Request Mode
  • Give all guests a way to store bags, even if they’re not members of a rewards program
  • Have a way to acknowledge and categorize rewards

No App. No cash. No contact.

App-free TEXT4BAGS allows guests to use their cell phones for bag check service but it’s not just convenient for guests to use. Staff use the platform to:

  • Eliminate the high cost of using paper bell tickets and free up storage space
  • Manage bag requests from any location because it’s done through text
  • Track gift bags for weddings and special events that should be delivered at check-in


Store a photo of each bag on the digital ticket with date/time stamp

Put guest’s phone number right on the ticket for faster bag check

Avoid making guests keep up with a paper ticket—it’s on their phones

How It Works For Guests

  1. Guest arrives and checks all bags
  2. Attendant requests phone number, tags all bags, and enters them in the system (can also add photos)
  3. Guest receives a digital ticket via text (or TEZ reusable tickets can be used for check-in and bag request for customers not using smartphones)
  4. Guests request bags from the digital ticket or by showing the digital ticket to the staff at the bell desk
  5. Staff checks the digital ticket, notes location, and retrieves the bag

Two-Way Communication

The ability to communicate with guests through texting brings service to the next level. You can:

  • Handle delivery porterage, including requests for sundry items, more easily
  • Encourage touchless interaction with staff for any request around bags, such as questions about a bag left on the seat, bags ready for pick-up, etc.
  • Inform several staff members simultaneously to fix problems quickly and speed up bag check-in and retrieval
  • Get valuable reporting that informs operations

Flexible Tipping Options

Guests can conveniently tip through the platform. Tips are:

  • Added at payment online, making the transaction touchless
  • Shown to increase wherever the platform is used because no cash is required
  • Managed by the business—you decide how to divide and apply tips

The Best Customer Communication Tool

TEXT4BAGS offers enhanced communication and advertising capabilities not even possible with a paper ticket bag check-in system. You can:

  • Advertise to queuing guests waiting for rooms on the digital ticket, such as Lobby Bar & Restaurant specials, and more
  • Email surveys in real-time to gauge guest experience while guests are in the hotel
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Versatile Platforms

Use TEXT4BAGS as a standalone bag-check solution, in tandem with valet service, or even combined with these other TEZ platforms for a complete valet service, room service, and bag check-in system:

  • SMS Valet® that connects operators and customers through ticketless, text-enabled guest experiences
  • TEXT4SERVICE® that manages room service ordering and payment using smartphones
  • Target Ad Network™ – the banner advertising platform that allows you to advertise your hotel or sell that ad space to nearby businesses for an added revenue stream

Harness the power of smartphones and give your guests added peace of mind by offering them the fastest, most touch-free, convenient bag check-in process—without downloading a battery-hogging App. For more information on how TEZ can customize a solution for your hotel by combining TEZ platforms, or just to learn more about TEXT4BAGS: