Valet parking at hotels is so much faster with SMS Valet. The ticketless system allows hotel guests to drop off and pick up their vehicles in an instant.

Hotels want their guests to spend less time searching for lost tickets and more time relaxing. With SMS Valet, guests give valet a phone number, and SMS Valet sends them a text message. They also have contactless payment choices: guests can pay parking fees by phone or have fees billed to their rooms. Our platform enhances service by allowing guests to request their vehicles in advance (avoiding long checkout lines) and two-way communication. They can ask questions or make special requests to staff, such as “Is my laptop in the backseat?” or “Please bring the bag in the trunk to me.”

Hotels and valet operations leverage SMS technology by sending out feedback surveys to evaluate guest experience. SMS Valet seamlessly integrates into a hotel’s property management system (PMS), and real­-time reporting gives managers and owners a fast, easy way to monitor daily operations through any internet-connected device.