Valet parking at hotels has never been easier thanks to SMS Valet. The ticketless system allows hotel guests to drop off and pick up their vehicles in an instant.

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Customers provide the valet with a mobile number, and the SMS app sends them a text message. Hotel guests spend less time searching for lost tickets, and more time relaxing. Guests can pay parking fees by phone, or have fees billed to their room. Our platform allows them to request their vehicle in advance to avoid long checkout lines. SMS Valet also enables two-way communication between guests and staff so they can make special requests. (i.e., “Please bring my bag from my trunk”).

Hotels and valet operations can leverage the SMS technology to send out feedback surveys and evaluate the  guest experience. SMS valet seamlessly integrates into a hotel’s property management system (PMS), and real­-time reporting gives managers and owners a fast, easy way to monitor daily operations by simply using an internet connected device.

The bell desk already handles incoming and outgoing bags, but with the Bag Check module, it’s done without using tickets. Guests’ bags can be stored and delivered to their rooms before they arrive. Bag Check works with SMS Valet or as a standalone solution.