SMS Valet ticketless check-­in and cashless payment system promotes better service, higher tips, and customized data reporting to help valets better manage operations.

Unlike a paper ticket system that can enable fraud where tickets are re­used to check-­in multiple cars, the SMS Valet app tracks every single car that arrives. Residents can enjoy quick check-in using window mounted XPRESS stickers or key chain tags for an even smoother parking experience. They can also request their vehicle up to 24 hours in advance so it’s waiting for them at a specified time. The platform allows two-way communication with valet and concierge services so residents can shoot off a text with special requests.

The property manager portal allows operators to simply log in online to view the number of cars that are checked in or processed in a day, customer survey results, and employee reports. SMS Valet is available for download on iOS & Android, and comes stocked with advanced features. We’ll even set you up with the equipment to make your life even more hasslefree.