Shopping Mall

Who wants to rummage through wallets and bags for a valet ticket at the end of a long day of shopping? Nobody.

Using SMS Valet eliminates the hassle of paper tickets or long confirmation codes. With one­-click vehicle requests, mobile payments, and E-Validations, car retrieval couldn’t be easier. The system supports multi drop-off and pick-up points, too, so shoppers can drop off cars at one location and pick up at another valet stand. They don’t have to walk the entire distance of the mall (sometimes lugging heavy bags) just to get back to their cars.

They can even request their cars in advance so they’re ready at the curb, eliminating wait time. SMS Valet can be used as a highly targeted advertising platform, allowing businesses to send real-time advertisements (including videos) in texts, driving sales to specific stores or promoting additional valet services such as car washes or oil changes.

Enhance service by offering bag pickup and delivery. Hands-Free shopping allows visitors to shop without worrying about bags. No additional equipment is required, and all retailers can participate. Offer this as a complimentary or paid service—Customers can pay and tip on their phones.