Protect Your Guests and Your Operation with Tokenization

SMS Valet utilizes Tokenization technology to secure your customers private information in a safe, reliable manner. By only retaining the token, SMS Valet ensures that sensitive information remains safe and secure for the duration of your valet experience.

How It Works

When a guest selects CLICK TO PAY, their credit card information is entered on the payment processor’s secure server. A token is sent back to SMS Valet, which contains none of the sensitive card information. The token replaces the information, meaning credit card data is never in the SMS Valet network. When the guest is ready to pay, they verify their zip code and they’re off! If it sounds easy, safe and secure, that’s because it is!

Encryption vs. Tokenization: Keeping Your Information Safe

Tokenization excels at maintaining the original format of the information being protected but struggles to scale and accommodate large data sets. With encryption, original data actually leaves the safety of an organization’s inner network and databases as it travels to the next user—a characteristic that some experts think is a risk. With tokenization, only the token leaves—the information being protected remains safely behind, in the organization’s data vault.