The great thing about using SMS Valet with your phone is that you only have to enter your credit card information once. After that, you’re good to go, wherever you drop off your keys—even if it’s at a different location.

Hospital, restaurant, hotel—if the parking gurus at the curb use SMS Valet, you never even have to take out your wallet.

Nor do you have to worry about your credit card information being passed around the Internet. That’s because it was replaced the first time you used SMS Valet by a token—a string of random numbers and letters (we’d like to say emojis, but alas, no emojis)—that represents you to SMS Valet but is completely meaningless to anyone else.

How It Works

Let’s break the process down: the first time you use SMS Valet, you select CLICK TO PAY. Here and only here, you enter your credit card information on the payment processor’s secure website. The payment processor keeps the information for the payment, then sends back a multi-use token to SMS Valet. This token does not contain any of the original sensitive credit card information—not a digit, not a dash.

Zip. Nada. It’s a placeholder with no value.

Meanwhile your actual credit card information is being safely stored on the payment processor’s secure server. There the light’s are out and the door is locked. Nobody’s getting in.

It’s actually pretty cool: your credit card information is never in the SMS Valet network, not for a single second.

From then on, whenever you use SMS Valet, you’re dealing with the token associated with your mobile phone number, which is about as valuable to hackers as your great-great aunt’s street address in Hoboken, twice removed.

One click, verify your zip code,and you’ve paid for parking on your phone without having to enter your name, address, credit card information, three-digit security code, or favorite color.

Valet Parking Made Easy

If that sounds easy, safe, and secure, that’s because it is! Of course users have the ability to update, add, or delete cards at any time. But as long as the information is up to date and accurate, there’s no reason, once you hit the parking lot, to take out your wallet, not even for the tip—because you can take care of that on your phone too.

Talk about making all of your valet parking dreams come true. That’s the beauty of tokenization when you pay through SMS Valet. Whether you’re the one dropping off the car, or the valet service in charge of parking the car, SMS Valet removes the hassle as well as the worry.

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