You’ve never heard of a business doing well because they settled for providing lesser service to save a buck. And yet, year after year, companies choose not to upgrade or follow market trends because the cost is simply too high. At TEZ, we understand that moving from traditional, paper ticket valet operations to mobile, ticketless ones can be challenging. To help, we have developed an Android device leasing service so that you can provide the service you need without pouring money into the otherwise costly upgrades.

As a TEZ device subscriber, you will be receiving the latest in Android technology. Replacing out-of-date hardware and processes can be a huge benefit in the long-run, we understand its difficult to invest the time needed to set up an entirely new system. TEZ removes this worry by shipping devices that are ready to go as soon as they arrive. We make sure you receive devices with fully operational 4G LTE data plans, water resistant cases, and all of the necessary updates including the latest operating system available.

Leasing TEZ devices and using our mobile platform ensures that your transactions are as secure as possible. TEZ has partnered with one of the most advanced Mobile Kiosk Software providers in order to make sure that our devices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art security. Not only does this protect you and your customers, but it prevents employees from utilizing apps other than the SMS Valet app to ensure that time is not wasted by distractions on the devices.

The best part? Your devices are all covered by our limited lifetime warranty. This covers all of the normal wear and tear that will affect your devices. To avoid any downtime in your operation, we will ship you a replacement device before you ship the bad device back to us. We want to ensure that your business is able to run how you want, when you want, and the warranty we provide allows exactly that to happen.

When it comes to valet operations, customer service is the name of the game, and a paper system only leads to inconveniences that may make your customers turn to other options. Going ticketless means you can take control of the process from drop-off to pick-up, providing a quick and efficient service that gives your customers the peace of mind they need. With countless applications like the ability to drop off vehicles at various destinations in the area, SMS Valet allows you to tailor your service to the needs of your customers. Even better, leasing devices from TEZ means you are ready to go from day one.

To find out more about SMS Valet and how TEZ can help you improve your operation, visit us today at!