A valet operation is defined as much by customer experience as it is the actual service provided. Having a quick, simple and efficient process helps you not only stand out from competitors, but it also wins over repeat customers who return time after time, knowing they can trust you to provide a positive experience. When developing SMS Valet, we at TEZ kept this dynamic at the fore of every decision. In fact, it was precisely because of this that we developed the service for the Android OS rather than iOS, allowing our clients and their customers to enjoy a faster, more reliable experience every single time.

Not only has the Average Selling Price of Androids halved over the past five years, but the technology these devices offer allows us to offer our service without the need for costly barcode readers. Instead, we utilize Near Field Communication (NFC) tags and stickers. Not only does this mean that we are truly ticketless, but that the entirety of the transaction and communication with customers can be managed through mobile devices.

Perhaps more importantly, however, is that we quickly realized during development that every operation’s situation is unique. By choosing Android OS over iOS devices, we opened our capabilities to a far wider selection of devices. This applies not only to the phone and tablets used, but for the external devices they can be connected to and utilize. Through the variety available with Android systems, we can tailor our service specifically to each customer’s individual needs.

Regardless of what you are using: android devices we have supplied through our leasing program or devices of your own, updates and information delivery is far more rapid through Android. All in all, this choice has allowed the beauty of SMS Valet to be its simplicity. There are no outrageously high set-up fees or expensive barcode equipment parts to purchase. You can make the service what you want it to be. For example, features like only allowing valets to text customers if they text first, or even simply restricting texts to pre-stored messages, are possible through this service. You and your customers will be thrilled at the convenience of this revolutionary valet service.

While the use of NFC readers certainly sets us apart, the reason we’ve built our app around the Android OS is that it allows us to build an experience that suits you and your needs. By having the freedom to create the way we want and not be restricted by a limited operating system, we have been able to make SMS Valet the truly game-changing product it has become.

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