The move toward digitization is not always simple, and the migration has typically come in waves. First, early adopters try and test new technologies. Once costs have been lowered and reliability has been improved, the early and late majority then embrace. Finally, the laggards realize the missed benefits of being left on the other side and join the movement. Many of the most important innovations of our time were dismissed early on as a fad, only to finally become an indispensable part of modern life.

The mobile and paperless revolution is finally beginning to gain speed, as a diverse number of industries recognize the intrinsic benefits of a connected system that can instantly capture, transmit, and store data. One of the most exciting new applications for this technology is coming from Government and University Parking and Law Enforcement agencies that are employing what is known as an “E-Citation”. These paperless parking tickets are increasing efficiencies in revenue in much the same manner as The SMS Valet by TEZ digital ecosystem.

An E-Citation simply refers to an electronic parking citation. Instead of the traditional method of officers driving around, looking at each vehicle, and printing individual citations, E-citations can be issued from a variety of sources such as: mobile LPR units, back office systems, and even fixed LPR cameras. These citations are then typically emailed (or mailed) to the defendant.

This new system is proving to be extremely reliable, efficient, and safe for campus and city parking attendants. A single mobile-equipped LPR vehicle can read over 150 licenses per minute! When Sam Houston State University (SHSU) in Huntsville, TX, decided to switch to the electronic ticket version, they saved nearly 11,000 seconds, or 23 8-hour days over the course of a year. This time savings is extremely important for maximizing the ability of smaller units.

Mobile technology has also proved helpful for cities that face heavy congestion. Niagara Falls is a world-renowned tourist spot that must constantly worry about parking for the thousands of visitors it may host in a single day. The Niagara Falls Parking Enforcement Offers were recently issued Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 Smartphones to enter a vehicle’s plate numbers for verification, which then can issue electronic tickets with an attached photo for evidence using the built-in-camera. The ticket data is sent in real time to administrative servers for processing.

According to Paul Brown, The City of Niagara Falls Manager of Parking Services, “…due to the exceptionally high volume of circulation, our primary concern is with congestion which becomes crucial to manage as efficiently as possible, particularly, in peak periods. Canada’s weather makes Niagara Falls a seasonal economy; local businesses, large and small, depend on us to provide them with the best parking management services available.

E-Citations have the benefit of increasing productivity and efficiency, but they are also a big bonus for ticket accuracy. In national studies regarding the accuracy of the data contained on traffic citations, approximately 10 to 20 percent of citations have been found to contain errors, with some regions/agencies experiencing error rates as high as 35 percent. In most areas, this can invalidate a ticket, wasting both officer and municipal time.

The last, perhaps unexpected benefit of e-citations, is that they increase officer safety. Roadside traffic stops are one of the most dangerous situations for an officer, but the electronic ticket allows enforcement to write tickets without even leaving their vehicle.

Electronic citations are a great example of why paperless parking is here to stay, whether on the civilian or government side. SMS Valet® by TEZ is the world’s first paperless valet system. With this patent¬-pending technology, you can streamline operations and expedite the valet process. Our mobile valet system relies on Text Messages for vehicle registration, so no paper tickets are needed. Unlike other mobile apps, SMS Valet® lets guests request their vehicles by simply interacting with the Welcome text message they receive at check-¬in. That’s it!

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