The big day is finally here! After nine months of anticipation, six name changes, three showers, and two weeks of bedroom decorating, the baby is finally on its way. With not a moment to spare it’s time to grab the packed weekend bag, hop in the car, and motor down to the hospital. But there’s one thing no one forgot to fit into the carefully laid plans — parking.

The last thing expecting parents arriving at a hospital should have to worry about is finding a parking spot. Nor should their friends and family who’ll be stopping by over the next few days to hold the little bundle of joy. In fact, no one that has to visit a healthcare facility, whether it’s to get medical attention or to visit a loved one, wants to be concerned with finding a place to park their vehicle. And if it’s an emergency situation then there’s really no time. A valet service at a hospital or healthcare facility just makes sense as it uncomplicates everyone’s life at a time of intense complication. And the ticketless platform of SMS Valet takes valeting to the next level, which hospital guests are sure to love.

When guests arrive at a valet operation utilizing the SMS Valet system they aren’t given a paper ticket that they need to keep track of or have to remember to get validated. They simply give their mobile number to the attendee, and the system will text them a welcome message as their vehicle is being parked. After the hospital stay has been concluded, when the baby is ready to go home or that broken arm has been put in a cast, the guest need only to click the link in the welcome text and the valet will get a notification to bring the car around. It’s that easy.

The beauty of SMS Valet is its simplicity. Guests can pay for parking fees and leave a tip by credit card via their mobile device, or retrieve E-validations online at any time. Navigating a hospital can be confusing. SMS Valet provides healthcare facilities the ability to issue maps and important information upon arrival so visitors can get to where they’re going. The system also gives the ability to request a vehicle on behalf of a patient in advance so there’s no waiting at the curb. The entire process of valet parking is streamlined from start to finish making for a positive experience when hospital guests need it most.

After patients and their visitors have retrieved their vehicles and head on home, SMS Valet continues working. Valet operators can give their hospital clients the ability to text links to important guest experience surveys for critical feedback, and track those responses. Links can also be issued as an easy method to donate to clinics after receiving stellar care. Valet operators can leverage the robust capabilities of the SMS Valet technology to offer these additional services to hospital clients, generating further income so the system can pay for itself and earn operators more profit.

The ticketless SMS Valet simplifies the lives of patients and visitors, makes the hospital experience a little less burdensome, allows facilities to quickly collect feedback, and earns valet operators greater revenue and higher tips.

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