When valet services come to mind, most of us think of operations based around red-vested hotel attendants or a kiosk outside of a nice restaurant, certainly not an entire downtown district. But that is exactly what is being offered in Lakeland, Florida. The Lakeland Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) is offering a universal valet service to those venturing downtown for a night out from Thursday through Saturday.

Starting at 5pm, visitors will be able to have a valet park their car for $6. Not only that, but many businesses in the area are offering free or reduced-price validation for their customers. The best part? Thanks to SMS Valet’s state of the art valet solutions, the experience is entirely paperless. Text messages connect the valets and their customers so that, when it comes time to request their vehicle, they can do so via their mobile phone instead of scrambling to find a ticket and waiting in the cold while their car is retrieved.

In fact, visitors will be able to retrieve their car from multiple delivery locations throughout downtown, meaning they can arrive at their restaurant, drop off their car, and still walk anywhere else they want after dinner without having to make a long trek back. With pay-by-phone, this process is even easier. The customer can pay with their credit card via their phone whenever they want, making their valet experience the ultimate in convenient parking.

Lakeland’s downtown is expecting more businesses and restaurants to set up shop, and that means more foot traffic, less available parking. The LDDA realized they needed to provide a variety of parking options so that those who are not wanting to walk far aren’t turned away. The universal valet service is the perfect way to provide convenient parking that is not only simple and hassle-free, but provides an inexpensive and pleasant experience for all of Lakeland’s visitors.

We are proud to have the City of Lakeland as a partner. It is because of relationships like these that SMS Valet is able to make guests’ experiences even better. In a downtown district in which prime parking is becoming a rarity, guests are now able to have a stress free evening knowing their car will be waiting when they are ready to leave, thanks to SMS Valet.

Find out more about our services and how we can help you improve your parking experience at smsvalet.com!