SMS Valet® by TEZ works just like your current valet process, with a technological twist. Guests arrive at the valet station, but instead of giving the customer a paper ticket, the valet uses the SMS Valet® app. The steps are fast and easy:

  1. Valet inputs customer’s cell phone and ticket number in the SMS Valet® app on any Android device. (If customer doesn’t want to give his number, the valet can print a ticket on the spot.)
  2. The customer receives a check-in confirmation text with instructions on how to request his vehicle.
  3. When they are ready, the customer simply replies to that check-in text with their car request. (The customer doesn’t have to worry about losing the tiny paper ticket or typing in a long number to text too.)
  4. Customer receives a response when the request is received with an approximate time for the car’s arrival.

The car is waiting when the customer arrives, eliminating long lines or waiting in inclement weather. You can go completely paperless by using the SMS Valet® app and TEZ Reusable Hang and Key tags. These durable plastic tags are easy can be used again and again. Go green and save money at the same time by eliminating the cost of paper tickets.