U.S. advertisers spent more than 180 billion dollars last year trying to target specific individuals via billboard ads, among magazine pages, Google search results, bus stop shelters, TV commercials, and the like, hoping to be seen by a prospective customer and to inspire an action on their part. But, what if you could market to customer within the immediate vicinity of your business right from their phone without even relying on the download of a mobile app?

SMS Valet uses one-of-a-kind, patent-pending technology that eliminates paper tickets by using text messages to connect the customer with their valet. Built from the ground up with both the customer and the valet company in mind –SMS Valet is more than ticketing system. It’s a comprehensive, metric-generating customer service tool which also allows local businesses to marketing to individuals who have a proven track record of utilizing local valet services.

Any client, local or national, can advertise on SMS Valet Digital Tickets. Here’s how the system works. SMS Valet offers 4 different advertising options.

The Entry Text. The entry text is the most effective advertising on SMS Valet. Sent to all valet guests when they arrive to check in their vehicle, the entry text is especially critical to first-time users – who always want to pay close attention to the instructions they receive alongside your ad.

The Exit Text. The exit text is sent after the customer reclaims their vehicle. It can compromise of a survey, a thank you, come again message, or a promotion enticing them to return. Entry and Exit Texts can both contain web links, promotions or a simple statement. It’s up to you.

Small Banner Ad. Small banner ads appear along the bottom of the digital valet ticket. They can contain links that drive guests to your your website or a graphic that contains your brand messaging. And better yet: SMS Valet can accommodate up to ten banner ads at a time. Small banners are 90×700 and uploaded in a PNG format.

Large Banner Ad. As opposed to the small banner ad, SMS Valet offers a 300×700 version which also appears in PNG formant and is displayed on the exit screen. As the customer finished up their transactions and collects their car, this ad is option impossible to ignore.

What sets these four marketing techniques apart from the rest of the mobile app world? SMS Valet does not rely on an app. In a recent research study conducted by Ipsos MediaCT on 8,470 people with smartphones who had used apps in the previous week: one in four reported installing apps that they never use.

In a similar vein, many participants also reported abandoning an app immediately after a transaction. Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed said they’re likely to download an app when it’s required to complete a purchase, but once they’ve completed that purchase, however, half will uninstall that just-downloaded app and move on.

SMS Valet requires no download and it used whenever it is needed – meaning that every time SMS Valet is used your advertisement will never go unnoticed. That’s an unbeatable advantage.

People turn to apps for a specific purpose: to make life easier. There’s nothing simpler than SMS Valet – and when you partner with SMS Valet, you know exactly what type of customers are coming in contact with your ads. So, are you ready to get started?

Visit SMSValet.com to learn more about our unique product and services or contact us at salesinfo@tezhq.com to speak to a sales representative directly.