One of the greatest fears of valet guests and operators is damage to vehicles. We’ve all been there before. Whether you utilized a valet service or not – there’s nothing like stepping out of the hotel or store or restaurant to find that your car has been dinged, or scratched, or hit, or in some other way, damaged. If you did use a valet service and you notice brand new damage to your vehicle –it’s often difficult to determine where the fault lies. Does the valet company cover the expense of repair or your insurance company? What if another patron at the restaurant is the one who scratched your car – what then?

SMS Valet makes damage reporting easy and helps valet companies avoid damage claims at all costs—with one of its favorite features.

Damage Reporting. Whenever a valet notates damages, SMS Valet can electronically time and date stamp that notation. Pre-existing damages are marked with yellow, while damages that occurred on-site are marked red. From the guest’s perspective, they can access the pre-existing damage marks from their digital ticket. Or, if you prefer, you can deactivate the Guest View feature.

Damages are attached to XPRESS stickers so frequent guests and condo or office tenants will automatically have damages loaded at every check-in – no need to redo any annotations which have already been digitally plugged into the system. As simple as it is, SMS Valet damage reporting is totally comprehensive. In fact, all of our reporting tools keep the customer experience in mind.

Instant Shift Reports. With SMS Valet, closing a shift could not be easier. Instead of manually compiling data and writing the details, your managers will be able to instantly print shift reports on the Bluetooth printer showing cash on hand, tips, validations, voids, etc. It’s all there and makes closing a shift easy. Of course, Shift Reports are also available online for office staff so managers don’t have to bring tickets, papers or validations to the office every day for counting – and you can easily access customer feedback and employee activity at any time.

Online reporting. SMS Valet gives you peace of mind knowing how many cars are parked at each location at any time of the day. It can even track which employees parked and retrieved the car to help you with managing your operations. The valet technology allows you to access this at anytime from anywhere online. There is even a smart phone website that gives you real-time sales data at all of your locations: no tickets, no hassle, and better served customers.

Valet companies want to avoid damage claims at all costs. When a guest feels their car was damaged, it sometimes takes a manager or owner to mitigate a heated situation. This is why SMS Valet informs an owner or manager via text when damage has been notated. The text includes information regarding the location, stand, driver and ticket number so that valet company management can call and speak to the guest immediately, reassuring them that the damage will be reviewed.

If one of your valets is found to be at fault – you can further compensate the customer by taking advantage of SMS Valet’s automatic e-validation rewards system and apply a free parking validation to their phone number, should they choose to use your services again.

The beauty of SMS Valet is that we understand both sides of your valet operations: customers and management. As a result, our technology is designed to deliver the best experience to both—no matter the circumstances – which really comes in handy when faced with vehicle damages.

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