The process of leaving your car with a valet – handing off your keys, stashing your ticket and reclaiming your vehicle – is relatively simple. The duties of a valet supervisor, however, are not. On top of exuding professionalism and living up to the highest level of customer expectations, the manager of a valet stand is also responsible for coordinating work schedules and service requests, ensuring that lobbies, entrances, and luggage storage areas are presentable; collecting and submitting time sheets; conducting performance reviews; implementing customer feedback; and perhaps most importantly, ensuring that operations run smoothly.

It’s not an easy gig – but with the assistance of SMS Valet technology, the duties of a valet manager have never been easier to juggle. SMS Valet provides a comprehensive mobile dashboard for valet stand managers to monitor important metrics like revenue, parking stats, customer history, employee activity, and damage, to ensure every valet task is performed both efficiently and profitably.

Unmatched Reporting

SMS Valet truly facilities the best guest experience for your guests and clients through its extensive yet easy to interpret reporting insights. Our reports offer an outline of revenue which can be broken all the way down to individual transactions; employee productivity stats; detailed overviews of each car from damages, to parking statistics, and shift changes; and survey results which reveal what your guests think of your services.

Mobile Dashboard

Managers rarely work at desks anymore. Rather, they’re roaming the front lines, assessing their operations, greeting guests, and checking in on employees. The SMS Valet Mobile Manager Dashboard helps managers audit their valet stands in real time from a mobile device as they make their rounds—or before they even show up work! For instance, a manager can drive up knowing they should have 15 sets of keys on the board. If there are 17, then they know there’s a problem right away.

Hotel Portal

Hotels are hectic which is why SMS Valet takes the legwork out of valet billing at hotels. By tapping different color tags, you can assign guests hotel pricing or transient pricing. Keys are then hung by color for fast auditing. But, wait, there’s more. The SMS Mobile Manager Dashboard, takes that convenience to a whole new level. Hotel staff will have real-time access to all parked cars allowing them to request a guest’s car as soon as necessary. They can also receive alerts about missing Room Number or Name data that they can look up and edit at any time. If a hotel guest ever tries leaving with missing data such as room number, the system automatically prompts the valet for this information upon checkout. Furthermore, SMS Valet can interface with many Hotel PMS software such as Micros and Galaxy. There’s really nothing else like it – because when times get busy, SMS Valet is prepared.

We didn’t create our simple parking solution with just the customer in mind. Our job is to make life easier on the valet, too! Learn more about SMSValet, how it operates on both the customer end and user end, or how to request a special hotel interface–by visiting us online at