As travelers, we’ve grown to expect long lines at security checkpoints, crowded highways, and a dozen of other tiny delays during the holiday season. We also expect a higher caliber of customer service from airport security and staff who would like to do everything in their power to relieve the stress of holiday travel.

This is a service that our travelers have frequently requested,” said Jim Bennett, Director of Aviation Services at SkyHarbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ. “Since our goal is to deliver world-class customer service, we are excited to offer this new convenience.” He’s referring to valet parking – which, come Thanksgiving and Christmastime are an indispensable asset to America’s busiest airports.

As excited as Jim Bennett and his team in Phoenix are to offer their passengers a valet this year, SMS Valet has done the SkyHarbor airport one better: a ticketless travel solution.

With more than 8 patents pending, SMS Valet by TEZ is more than just a vehicle request system. It’s transforming customer service as we know it. SMS Valet doesn’t require users to install an app and because it’s a paperless system tied to each guest’s phone number, they never have to worry about losing a paper claim check. SMS Valet even works if a phone battery has died –and if you find yourself strapped for actual cash, SMS Valet solves that problem, too, by enabling guests to pay and tip on their phone with a simple click. The small wonders don’t stop there.

A guest is inevitably running late. Fearful of a long security line, they drop their car off in the middle of an incoming traffic lane, which happens more often than not at the airport. Here’s the kicker. The car takes a keyless fob and the valet needs that fob to move the car. If he or she were relying on the old system, a paper ticket, that valet would have to dash inside like a hurried traveler themselves, and chase down the owner of the vehicle. SMS Valet allows the valet to text the guest. It’s as simple as that.

About 3.5 million Texans will travel by car to visit their relatives and loved ones this holiday season — and according to the Airlines for America trade group, 27 million passengers will travel by air during Thanksgiving week alone. It’s going to get busy.

SMS Valet is, as ticketless solution, catering to a new market of consumers. Nobody wants to carry tickets anymore like airlines, sporting events or shows. Along those same lines, everyone wants on-demand service. They don’t want to wait 10-15 minutes for their car. They want it now,” says Ken Lovegreen.

With traditional paper tickets, valets, themselves are often left waiting on late guests to pick up their cars. But with SMS Valet, managers can send out a mass text to all parked cars requesting visitors to collect their vehicles. If that weren’t agreeable enough to a manager, SMS Valet also eliminates ticket fraud and revenue slippage. Tickets cannot be duplicated because no two people have the same mobile phone number. Validations are performed electronically also reducing fraud by tenants and vendors who might copy or sell to valets – and clients also report higher tips and about 8-1 0% increase in revenue thanks to SMS Valet’s most-convenient system. Because, what’s not to love? It’s the best valet experience your guests will have ever received.

This holiday season, it’s time that your team invest in the simplest way to make life easier at the airport: SMS Valet.

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