Rising 72 stories and 921 feet above downtown Dallas, the Bank of America Plaza is impossible to miss. Self-described as “a magnet for activity in the Central Business District and home to a wide array of the region’s most prestigious businesses,” the beautiful landmark is the tallest building in the city. Easy access to local freeways, proximity to the Dallas Love airport, and unbeatable views, have made the Bank of America Plaza a favorite among corporate executives. And now, its tenants have another reason to love their building. Parking at the plaza has just gotten a whole lot easier.

Imagine a valet ticketing system which eliminated paper tickets altogether by using text messages to connect the customer with the valet. Imagine the satisfaction you’d receive when allowed to pay and request your vehicle in advance, never having to wait in a line, again. That solution exists. It’s called SMS Valet and is now available for use at the Bank of American Plaza in downtown Dallas. Here’s why the city loves it.

Advance e-Validation. Why wait for the office to open to buy validations? SMS Valet through its VIP Parker app allows residents and tenants to buy validations at any time of day and request their car immediately or up to 24 hours in advance.

Frictionless Experience. At the valet stand, customers are greeted and asked for their mobile phone number. With our ticketless valet solution, the valet assigns a ticket number from our Reusable Hang and Car Key Tags. Once the valet checks in the customer, they will receive a Welcome Text message with their ticket number and instructions for requesting their vehicle. When the customer is ready for their car, they click through an easy to navigate web link to their digital ticket to request pickup. It’s that easy.

Interoperability. The VIP Parker app is available on Apple, Android and Microsoft stores, and covers everything the vehicle owner needs. It allows users to request cars immediately or in the future, view receipts and parking history, purchase validations, validate guests or chat with valets.

Property Manager Portal. Property Managers have access to administrator level permissions allowing them to view reports, add or suspend tenants for non-payment, or to validate visiting guests such as realtors, contractors, and potential leasers.

No Credit Card Fees. It’s the 21st century and nobody carries cash these days. Unfortunately, however, very few valet services have caught on to that fact –or made the necessary changes to accommodate it. SMS Valet accepts credit cards without fees via its Pay-By-Phone configuration. TEZ will charge a small convenience fee to the customer, but that’s it!

Optional Tipping. Employees see much higher tips when their customers use SMS Valet. Cars can be ready and waiting with heat or Air Conditioning running thereby making the most memorable guest experience. Their tips will reflect this satisfaction.

After you introduce your team to SMS Valet and, more importantly, your customers, they’ll never look back. The Bank of America Plaza certainly hasn’t – because its corporate tenants expect the best and nothing beats SMS Valet in terms of function and convenience.

To learn more about how our groundbreaking technology works–for both consumers and valet companies—visit us online at SMSValet.com