The Aria Resort and Casino, conspicuously couched within MGM’s City Center complex on the Las Vegas Strip, is at minimum, a technological marvel. Built in 2009 on 140 million square feet of broadband network, the Aria remains as futuristic as ever with luxury automation gracing each of its 4000 guest rooms.

For instance, when a guest enters a room, curtains automatically open, music plays, the TV activates, and climate controls bring the room to a preset temperature. If a guest returns a year later, their room can be prepped with the same lighting, entertainment, and climate setting preferences as during their previous stay. Furthermore, once a guest’s smartphone is registered with the Aria, they can opt to receive personalized push notifications as they wander the casino floor, alerting them to opportunities and promotions which suit their interest. The luxury experience is inextricable from the technology that delivers it. And for resorts like the Aria which have their pulse on the thumb of every step of the customer journey–that luxury experience extends beyond the room, and beyond the casino floor, outside to the valet stand.

Cashless and Friction-free

SMS Valet® gives your guests the ability to pay on their phone prior to pick up or as they’re walking away, unlike paper ticket systems that only allow you to pay if you requested your car. Even if a guest does not provide their phone number, they can still pay-by-phone using TEZ Tickets. Using SMS Valet, the Pay-By-Phone system can be configured so the valet company pays nothing for this feature. You can accept credit cards without any fees. TEZ will charge only a small convenience fee to the customer – who is more than willing to accept for the true convenience of having a car ready and waiting.

Electronic Validation

One of the major issues with traditional validation systems that use stickers and stamps, is that paper tickets can be manually copied. Untrustworthy valets can purchase validation booklets for low prices and use them to validate guests while they pocket their cash.

SMS Valet, paperless, offers nothing to stamp or sticker. Every validated ticket contains an electronic time and date stamp that can be tracked to exactly whomever performed the validation. They can also require a photo to avoid fraudulent activity. The entire electronic validation process takes between 5-10 seconds, using any computing device with internet access making it unsurpassed in convenience and safety.

Insightful Feedback

With the SMS Valet survey function, visitors love to reference valets by name which is invaluable to their managers. Not only does SMS Valet provides details about every guest who responds to a survey – but it can also enable direct follow-up via phone and email for more information about their response. Our exit surveys consistently deliver response rates between 25-40%, often with useful and extraordinary feedback. Why pay Secret Shopper fees when SMS Valet will give you the feedback you need and all in real-time?

The beauty of SMS Valet is its simplicity. Forget about spending thousands of dollars in setup fees and barcode scanning equipment. SMS Valet is a cloud-based solution that delivers instant luxury services for high caliber guests who expect nothing but the best technology.

Can’t you imagine the satisfaction of your guests when they pay in advance and walk right off the casino floor and into their waiting vehicle? If not, visit us online at and we’ll help you out.