In the world of customer service – the actual quality of the service you deliver means nothing if not for your customer’s perception of it. From their purchase behavior, to the memories and emotions they associate with your brand, the quickest way to gain a loyal follower is to make them feel as though your services are meaningful and personal. Do they feel like you understood their needs? Did your team go out of their way to provide a personal experience? Here’s a tip: one of the quickest ways to answer these questions is to ask the customer directly for personal feedback.

SMS Valet knows how important it is to communicate directly with customers – which is why it offers the option of including simple guest surveys after each valet experience. Not only is the information your customers provide valuable to the valet management but also to the property owner where they operate.

When you consider that the first and last impression of a business lies with the valet, and that the valet isn’t even associated with business owner’s staff, you’ll realize that keeping track of customer experiences is invaluable.

Improve Your Operations

The only way to ensure that your team is on the “right track” is to listen to your customers. Often, customer feedback is used throughout the product development phase to confirm that the product actually solves a need. In the valet business, you’ll want to know how your people are interacting with your customers on a regular basis. SMS Valet is the most efficient, accurate, and convenient tool to learn how to past actions and practices which didn’t appeal to your customer, actions they appreciated, the names of valets who impressed them, and exactly what it is that your customers expect after all. SMS Valet surveys are so easy to use our response rates commonly rank between 25-40%, often with useful and extraordinary feedback.

Increase Customer Participation

Because SMS Valet doesn’t necessitate as much face to face interaction as a regular valet service – there’s no physical handoff of cards or cash as payments take place on the phone and cars are requested in advance which preempts the need for lines –measuring satisfaction is facilitated the same way that a customer uses to request their car. With SMS Valet, your customers simply reply to a text message they received upon check-in. There are no paper instructions needed to give out and no cumbersome long codes the customer has to enter correctly on their own. Same goes for the survey. The customer will receive the survey on their phone, an added convenience which encourages higher rates of participation.

Not only does SMS Valet let you to reach out to guests for feedback on their experience – but if your guests report a negative experience, you can follow up to ask for specific details and additional questions on how to improve. Exit Surveys with SMS Valet deliver amazing results: honest feedback and genuine insights that are normally hard to come by. From single question surveys to more elaborate questionnaires — assessing guest satisfaction is one of the most popularly touted highlights of SMS Valet.

In an age where customers expect personal service—our follow up surveys are as personal as it gets. SMS Valet by TEZ is the world’s first ticketless valet system. With our patent-pending valet technology, you’ll notice improvements to your customer experience and satisfaction overnight.

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