Did you know that 62% of customers don’t think that the brands that they’re most loyal to are doing enough to reward them? According to a recent study by Hubspot, rewards programs are widely regarded by customers as integral to customer service and increasingly expected across the board.

SMS Valet understands that customer experience lies at the heart of any valet system – which is why our engineers designed our technology to facilitate better communication between patrons and valets, to eliminate unnecessary payment steps, and to reduce the errors which plague the traditional drop off and pick up process. In that same spirit, we’ve developed a SuperClient Loyalty Program to help our clients reward their customers.

Using the TEZ SuperClient module, valet companies can offer complimentary or reduced rate parking to their most loyal guests. Module users can view how many times a specific guest has visited during a certain time period, and determine their eligibility for special rates under your loyalty program. All you have to do is set your rate, track your customers, and reward them accordingly.

As a SuperClient, you can also assign auto-validations to special VIPs. Upon check-in, these validations will be posted to this VIP’s vehicle. It’s very simple. Enter the name and phone number of the guest, the reward they’ll receive upon entry, eligible parking locations to redeem the reward, and an expiration date. When guest arrives, the valet can scan their XPRESS sticker or simply ask for their phone number. Validation occurs immediately.

SuperClients also have the ability to create campaigns within the SMS Valet system. If you’d like to give away one free parking visit after a guest uses three valet services in a month – plug it in to the system. Validation will occur automatically.

Arguably, the three greatest innovations of modern civilization to date are the micro-processor, air conditioning, and valet services. If you’ve ever found yourself circling city blocks for twenty minutes in an effort to find parking, only to walk another ten to the restaurant in bitter cold or rain – you understand the crucial importance of that last invention. There’s one catch, though. A successful valet parking experience doesn’t merely take care of your car. It hinges on exceptional customer service.

With SMS Valet, every virtual ticket is linked to a specific guest to ensure a personal experience. The system even enables you to follow up with guests who have left negative feedback, so that you can provide better service in the future. Maybe you’ll want to reward them for their feedback with an automatic validation. Does it get any better than that?

It costs 500% more to acquire new customers than it does to keep a current one. As for the value of a loyal and repeat customer: they truly are priceless. With our SuperClient loyalty program, we guarantee that your guests will be coming back for more.

To learn more about SMS Valet – how it operates on both the customer end and user end – visit us online at SMSValet.com!