Bit by bit we are moving from a world of physical servers and clunky desks to one in which cloud computing reigns supreme. Everything we do, from catching rides to paying bills, is increasingly driven by cloud-technology. We can get rid of the paper, get out of the office, and get on with the things that matter. And now, thanks to the incredible technology of TEZ, cloud computing allows you to drop off your car with SMS Valet, simplifying and enhancing the traditional valet operation.

Thanks to SMS Valet, you no longer need to keep track of a ticket all night. With this patent-pending valet technology, businesses can not only provide a unique and convenient valet experience for their customers, but also streamline an otherwise hectic operation. Customers simply receive a text when they check-in and reply to it when they need to. There are no long codes to enter, and no paper instructions to distribute or read. It’s just a simple exchange of texts between you and your customers.

SMS Valet provides such exceptional service because it bucks traditional approaches and instead explores the possibilities of cloud-computing. With cloud technology means service is available when needed and procedures are monitored by a third-party so that you can focus on the job that matters: customer satisfaction. Other on-site systems require constant attention and a technician service call if an issue arises. This downtime means you lose money and your customers lose patience.

One of the major benefits to SMS Valet is the potential for side revenue through advertising. If your valet service is outside a busy shopping mall, for example, stores inside can pay you to embed video links or alerts to upcoming events into your valet messages, as well as attach an interactive map and more. Similarly, if customers attend special events during their valet use, any photographs can be forwarded digitally from the reception or event to customers as they leave. Even surveys are possible through TEZ’s technology. In addition to the standard income stream generated by cars passing through, you can now expand your business to address other possibilities inherent in your connection with customers.

As the first and last point of customer contact when they visit a venue, you have two chances to make a first impression. When you assist a guest dropping off and then retrieving his car, you have the opportunity to showcase an efficient, advanced, and professional operation in which each driver has a tablet ready to go. This paperless system also prevents you from losing money on ticket-skimmers seeking free parking.

Perhaps the best part is that you only pay for the cars that park at your location. There are no complicated monthly plans or extensive installations. In the USA, we even provide our customers with the tablets needed to run the software. Just fire up the app, and you are ready to go. SMS Valet and cloud computing are changing the way customers approach valet services.

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