Before the advent of email as a regular tool for communication, news headlines and scholarly publications frequently warned about how mankind’s need for paper and paper products was decimating Earth’s rainforests. Thankfully, the internet and technology has greatly diminished our reliance on paper to send correspondences, giving a lifeline to Mother Nature. Using IT networks have also helped budgets both at home and at work, as individuals and businesses spend less while communicating more.

Still, there are sectors where paper is being used even when greener, and more cost-effective technology is readily available — one of them being valet operations. When handing a vehicle and keys over to a valet attendant, a guest is typically given a paper ticket that must be kept until it’s time to retrieve the vehicle. After the ticket is used it’s usually discarded, beginning its journey to a recycling facility, or worse, a landfill. With banks, utilities, and most companies that issue statements going paperless to help preserve the environment and bring down expenses, why do valet operations still rely on paper tickets?

Fortunately, SMS Valet is here to disrupt how valet operations do business. SMS Valet is a paperless, ticketless platform that uses simple text messages to handle the entire valet process. After guests give the attendant the keys and a mobile number, SMS Valet sends a Welcome Message with easy to follow instructions. When the guest is ready to retrieve their car, they simply reply to the Welcome Message, and the attendant receives a notification to bring the car around. It’s that simple. Guests can even E-Validate or pay for parking using a credit card all over their mobile device, streamlining the process even further. Best of all, there’s no paper ticket to keep hold of that will eventually find its way into a trash pile.

SMS Valet is great for the environment and for business. The platform is easy, efficient, and can even be used to send advertising promotions to customers, providing valet operations with opportunities for additional revenue streams. Cost-effective SMS Valet’s ticketless technology leaves no paper waste and increases both productivity and profitability, demonstrating that going green really is good.

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