Whether you’re a luxury apartment complex, a chic restaurant, or a world-class hospital, offering a valet service to guests can enhance the customer experience. With no parking spots to find (especially during inclement weather), guests can enjoy the convenience of dropping their vehicle off just steps from the entrance, and retrieving it curbside when it’s time to take off. But a valet service can go beyond simply providing an enjoyable amenity. With the right tool, these operations can deliver exceptional benefits to both organizations and their customers.

SMS Valet is a premier ticketless parking solution that uses SMS technology to streamline the valet process. When guests hand over their car keys, they also provide the attendant with a mobile number, and SMS Valet shoots over a Welcome Message to their phone. When it’s time to pick up their vehicle, all the guest has to do is reply to the Welcome Message, and the valet attendant is notified to retrieve the vehicle. Guests can even E-Validate and pay for parking with a credit card all over their mobile device. SMS Valet eliminates the need for paper tickets and optimizes the workflow of valet operations, but that’s just the start of what this robust system can do.

Organizations can leverage SMS Valet’s technology to send advertising and promotions straight to the guest’s phone as they are entering a mall, store, or restaurant to increase consumer spending. It can also deliver links to maps, helping visitors with wayfinding. When the guest leaves, SMS Valet can be used to send out coupons for future visits, or links to surveys where they can evaluate their recent experience. This feedback is especially helpful for hospitals where information regarding patient care is critical, but sometimes difficult to acquire.

A valet service can do far more than simply park cars. SMS Valet equips operations with a powerful system that streamlines workflow, can be used to communicate with guests to promote better experiences, and helps organizations expand their reach.

To discover how your organization can get more out of its valet service using our versatile platform, visit us at www.SMSValet.com today!