It seems as if every company has an app these days that they want customers to install on their mobile devices. Whether or not the service really warrants one, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are full of downloadable mobile products that companies what consumers to use.

From a company’s viewpoint, apps seems to make sense. They make brands appear to be in touch with modern technology. They may also be helpful in driving promotions and spending. But from the customer’s standpoint, apps can’t be a dread.

With limited storage capacity available on mobile devices, people must prioritize which apps actually provide value, and which just take up space. They can clutter screens, reducing user efficiency. And probably most frustrating of all, apps require users to register — forcing them to create another username and password to remember. Even using a universal Facebook or Google log-in puts more of one’s personal information out into cyberspace, increasing vulnerability to security threats.

Apps can be a pain, which is why SMS Valet ticketless (and app-less) platform relies on simple SMS text messages to deliver a fast and efficient valet solution. Guests simply pull their vehicle up to the valet stand, then give a phone number and their keys to the attendant before heading on their way. SMS Valet sends a Welcome Text to the guest with instructions for requesting their vehicle. Later when the guest is ready to depart, they need only to click the link in the welcome message to notify the attendant. The vehicle can be delivered curbside even before the guest arrives. And SMS Valet allows users to E-validate or pay by phone using a credit card, eliminating the need for cash exchanges. It’s quick, efficient and all without the need for a customer-facing app to install.

Technology is supposed to simplify our lives, not complicate it. SMS Valet technology relies on tried-and-true SMS text messages to create a hasslefree valet experience. No apps required.

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