What’s the most valuable commodity in the world? If you think it’s oil, then you’re correct… last century. But we live in a new era, and if tech giants from Google to Facebook have taught us anything, it’s that data is the most valuable commodity in the 21st Century. Many Silicon Valley titans rely on data to sell advertising, which has helped propel their revenue and market caps to dizzying levels. Now they’re realizing they can do even more with data, using it for translation services, visual recognition, and to make personality assessments, which can be sold to other firms that will incorporate the information into their own products.

Data is the driver of the new, modern economy, and can generate significant revenue for companies that understand how to best capture it — TEZ’s SMS Valet does just that. SMS Valet is more than just a robust, ticketless valet solution that streamlines valet service. The digital platform provides operators with the ability to collect data, which can prove immensely profitable.


Organizations from hospitals to restaurants crave customer feedback, which can help them improve their services and the customer experience. The SMS Valet platform has the ability to send exit surveys to guests of an establishment, and holds a response rate between 25-40%. The system provides details about respondents, enabling follow-up phone calls or emails. SMS Valet users can sell this data collecting service to organizations in order to generate more revenue.


Like Google and Facebook, SMS Valet serves as a particularly effective advertising vehicle. Guests that visit a shopping mall, restaurant, or any commercial location make for a prime demographic to target. Valet operations using the platform can sell advertising in the form of entry/exit texts, small banner ads, and large banner ads to establishments looking to promote their brand, products, or services to guests within the vicinity. The system can also send visitors links to digital coupons as they enter or exit a location, prompting a return visit.

SMS Valet is a powerful data collection and advertising engine that valet operators can leverage in order to increase profit margins. When expertly utilized, the platform pays for itself and adds to the bottomline.

With great data comes great responsibility, and SMS Valet ensures that no data collected is ever shared or leaves the SMS Valet process.

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