Valet parking makes guests feel special from the moment they arrive at a property or venue. TEZ’s SMS Valet technology makes the entire process even smoother, eliminating the need for paper tickets and offering a seamless digital valet experience for guests. For those establishments that want to take the guest experience to the next level, SMS Valet has implemented several features that elevate valet and make rewarding guest loyalty a breeze.

XPRESS Stickers

Have frequent guests? Reward them with XPRESS Stickers so they don’t have to give their phone number every time they arrive, expediting the valet process. These NFC-chip enabled stickers mount inside the windshield (door version also available), and are about the size of an oil-change sticker. When a driver pulls up with an XPRESS sticker, the attendant touches an Android device to the windshield, instantly checking in the driver and their vehicle in less than 2 seconds. The guest receives the welcome text and goes about their day. It couldn’t be simpler.

Loyalty Program & SuperClient Access

Loyalty programs are a great way to show your guests you value them, and offering your most loyal visitors complimentary or reduced rate parking shows your appreciation. Thanks to the TEZ SuperClient module, making these offers is easy. With SuperClient access, you’ll gain insights into the number of visits made by specific guests during a certain timeframe, and determine their eligibility for special rates under your loyalty program. No need to spend time managing who comes and goes – with SuperClient, you can create campaigns that track visitors and automatically apply parking validations when they hit a predetermined check-in goal.

If you want to treat certain guests to an even greater VIP experience, the SuperClient module allows you to assign “Auto-Validations”. This feature allows guests to simply pull their vehicle to the valet stand, give a phone number or have the attendant scan their XPRESS sticker, and the validation occurs immediately. It all happens within seconds of arrival, and the guest never has to worry about getting validated.

Upgrade the valet parking experience for your VIPs with XPRESS stickers and loyalty programs made possible by TEZ SuperClient. Ehance customer satisfaction and provide your VIPs the appreciation they deserve.