In certain markets across the country, luxury condos with over-the-top amenities have become increasingly commonplace. So high the expectations have gone, that a condo building in Miami now offers buyers a membership to Jetsmarter, a private plane service.

A particularly popular service gaining momentum at luxury condominiums is ticketless valet systems. Ticketless valet services, like Dallas, Texas-based SMS Valet, eliminate the hassle of paper tickets, providing an extra level of luxury to residents’ lives.

Ultra-luxury condos are proliferating in markets like Dallas, as well as other major metros including Washington DC, Miami, Southern California and New York City. The expectations for stellar service and valuable amenities is at an all-time high, and sophisticated buyers are increasingly looking for high-touch services like ticketless valet when choosing a condo tower to call home.

For a service that will be used as frequently as the valet, ease of use is of the utmost importance.

The system simply requires a resident to register with the SMS Valet system. Once they arrive, the valet will tap their handheld device to a tiny sticker affixed to the windshield or inside door jam and check-in the resident,” says Ken Lovegreen of SMS Valet. Fast check-in is a necessity, but an added bonus is the ability for residents to request their cars up to 24 hours in advance so it will always be ready when they need it.

Residents aren’t the only beneficiaries of the system according to Lovegreen. Landlords and managers can monitor all aspects of the valet parking operations thanks to an online website. Particularly enticing is the ability to market and advertise additional services to visitors and guests. “Because there are no paper tickets to manage, valet operators save time and money, while providing the high-level of service residents in luxury condos have come to expect.

Taking care of the details so residents can save time is an invaluable addition to any luxury property.

To make sure every condominium resident is treated like a VIP, check out a complete valet solution from SMS Valet today.