Valet parking is considered a luxury for most city dwellers and patrons of Michelin-starred restaurants – sumptuous, comforting, and hard to come by for most. In Dallas, however, you’ll find a spate of valets everywhere. From coffee houses and Tex-Mex restaurants, to hospitals, apartment complexes, and famously-priced steakhouses, it’s harder not to come by a valet in that city. The real difficulty is knowing where to look for the best quality service.

Dallas City Council member Philip Kingston says that local laws have made obtaining a valet license easy in recent years which explains the seeming ubiquity of the service. “You can talk to any restaurant and they’ll tell you there’s a certain segment of their business that wouldn’t come to the restaurant if valet weren’t available,” Kingston says. So, if valets are a dime a dozen in Dallas–what sets one service apart from the rest?

At the new Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in Uptown Dallas, where you can expect unparalleled steaks, excellent service, and one of the sexiest interiors in the country according to Zagat, the answer is SMSValet.

SMSValet is the first ever ticketless valet system of its kind and quickly becoming a staple among the valet companies that cater to luxury because, like a professional valet itself, the SMSValet app anticipates its clients’ every need.

At Del Frisco’s on a Friday night – let’s say it’s cold and rainy – here’s all a diner needs to do to when they drop off their vehicle. He checks in with his valet and receives a Welcome Text. That’s it. Upon departure, he’ll request his vehicle by navigating to the included web link within the welcome text message. This link includes the digital valet ticket and the ability to request his vehicle in advance with a few simple clicks. That’s it! They valet is notified while he is still settling up with the wait staff, and the car retrieval process begins. If he wants to pay by phone, that’s an option, too. It really is that easy.

For the service provider, SMSValet technology ensures that your backend operations run just as smoothly as your front end service. SMSValet goes beyond a simple text to offer online reporting that allows operators to access how many cars are currently parked on a lot, or daily operation counts at any given time. You can monitor which employee parked which car, who retrieved it, and when. End-of-shift reporting gives managers the ability to monitor revenue generated, helps decrease revenue-skimming and gives you a big picture overview of your operations. It’s win-win.

There are almost 69,000 parking spots in downtown Dallas, but if you’re sitting behind a driver’s seat it often seems like none. Street spaces are always full, garages are gated, and surface lots only look available to the public. Plus, if you plan on dining out at luxury steakhouse like Del Frisco’s – you never intended to park your own car, anyway.

When the iconic steakhouse made its move from Far North Dallas to Uptown last month, it ditched the stuffy white tablecloths and debuted an alluringly sophisticated space marked by tall, sweeping curves and red leather accents,” writes the Zagat Staff in their Sexiest Restaurants in 15 U.S. Cities list.

This locally founded steakhouse chain impresses patrons in Uptown Dallas and Downtown Fort Worth with melt-in-your-mouth steaks, a wine list that could make Bacchus giddy, perfectly made cocktails and a staff that anticipates diners every need.” There you have it.

At Del Frisco’s where parking is a given — that proactive service begins and ends with the valet. One month since the grand opening of its beautifully rated Uptown location and no one can imagine the steakhouse before SMSValet.

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