When looking to develop real estate, it’s important to consider the current needs of potential buyers. With increased population and traffic patterns, parking is definitely an important concern. Whether it’s in a crowded parking lot in the suburbs, or a busy street in an urban district, parking is a headache. Large cities, or those with tremendous growth, have parking issues that have become critical, even crisis-level in certain areas.1 That’s why condominium developers are recognizing innovative and simplified parking options as a new way to attract buyers, and an excellent amenity for their future condo dwellers.

Busy professionals tend to cluster in city regions near their places of employment, and condo rentals or purchases can be very suiting for such lifestyle. With this demographic in mind, developers are beginning to consider the best ways to attract and keep these residents long term. Busy people have two things in common: too much to do and too little time. If their place of residence can ease and shorten their daily tasks, then they are offering a valuable and unique service.

In modern society, what used to be considered a luxury in living spaces typically evolves into an expectation over time. This cycle from extravagance to “necessity” only takes about three years, as opposed to the previous cycle of seven years. Life moves fast, and amenities must keep up, or potential business will be missed. Just a few years ago, extras like onsite playgrounds and workout centers were in vogue, then quickly became the standard. High-end luxury amenities are becoming the norm instead of the exception.2

Many modern luxury spaces offer valet parking. Most residents would agree that valet service is a gift on those blustery cold evenings or torrentially rainy mornings when we should have been at work five minutes ago. But SMS Valet is stepping up the game. Not only is SMS Valet a unique service through an Android app, this service is cloud-based and attached to an entire webpage instead of the texting system used by competitors. In addition, the SMS Valet app offers the whole package; they lease Android phones to their clients, and upkeep and manage their services over the course of the relationship.

Why does SMS Valet offer such comprehensive features? Because we believe that a happy life is defined by experiences, and customer service should be no different. What is the use of all our impressive technology if not to alter our human experiences and help our lives become easier and more fulfilling? Not to mention that upon entering and leaving a place, the valet service is naturally the first and last impression. Why not offer a high-end experience at the beginning and the end of each resident’s day?

SMS Valet is in the business of creating positive moments and good impressions for residents and visitors. Their completely paperless valet service is as inclusive as it is innovative. To find out more, visit us online today!