Have you met Stan? He works at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport, and he can park your car while you’re there. In fact, he has parked over 30,000 cars this year. All you have to do is drop your car at a specified location, and he will do the rest—getting your car to a safe spot and overseeing its care while you are traveling. Then, Stan will return your car to you whenever you are ready. To speed up the process, you have the option of reserving your spot in advance via Stan’s website or smartphone app.

By the way, Stan is a robot. And he is not a figment of Ray Bradbury’s imagination. Technology has done more than just make our lives easier; it can sometimes blur the boundary between human and machine, not only easing our burdens, but making once mundane tasks a lot more exciting!

Since Stan can’t be everywhere (not yet, at least), there are other options to help you park at the airport. Florida’s Orlando International Airport has rolled out a pilot program of valet parking services for travelers utilizing select airlines. Let’s face it—whether traveling for business or pleasure, airport parking is often a headache, or at the very least, a nuisance and time-eater. This new program can reduce some of this inconvenience and inject a little more fun into your trip.

Other programs can take some of the sting out of airport parking, as well. For example, the M4 Camera System by Park Assist uses a sensor that can see up to four parking spots a time. Park Assist’s CEO Gary Neff explains, “Today airports are focusing more resources on the customer experience…” which certainly seems evident in recent innovations. The MR Camera System provides data to help airport parking facilities manage its inhabitants and offer dynamic pricing and location solutions.

TEZ is proud to belong to an industry as innovative and customer-focused as parking services. We are in touch with the trends in valet services, and in fact, are even ahead of the curve, as the first company to offer the first ticketless valet. Users will receive a text with a link to open a full web page to communicate with our valets. We even lease an android smartphone to customers and manage the service for them—all in an effort to make parking simple and fast.

TEZ wishes you happy travels this holiday season and invites you to learn more about SMS Valet features.