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Going Green Burgeons in the Middle East

Sustainability isn’t just some passing fad. Rather, this concept of preserving the natural environment so that it continues to support future generations has become an evolution that is sweeping across the world, and the Middle East is no exception. Established in Abu Dhabi in 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a regional political organization [...]

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National Parking Association Convention & Exposition


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E-Citations Prove That Paperless Parking Is Here To Stay

The move toward digitization is not always simple, and the migration has typically come in waves. First, early adopters try and test new technologies. Once costs have been lowered and reliability has been improved, the early and late majority then embrace. Finally, the laggards realize the missed benefits of being left on the other side [...]

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Georgia Valet Implements SMS Valet Technology at Marietta Town Square

In the metro Atlanta area, the town of Marietta allows for a break from traffic jams and urban sprawl. The historic town square with its offering of bakeries, restaurants, antique shops, museums, and cultural events has bucked the falling trend in brick and mortar retail by offering character. However, there is one massive problem: parking. [...]

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2017 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO

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TEZ Joins the Ranks of Market Disruptors with Ticketless Valet Technology

McDonald’s did it with food, placing burgers into customers’ hands in 30 seconds, rather than the usual 30 minutes. Other restaurants followed suit, and now fast food restaurants are a mainstay of society. Toyota did it with the Prius, as gasoline combustion engines used to annihilate all would-be competitors; but the Prius hybrid came along [...]

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Show Your VIP Guests You Care With Upgraded Valet Service

Valet parking makes guests feel special from the moment they arrive at a property or venue. TEZ’s SMS Valet technology makes the entire process even smoother, eliminating the need for paper tickets and offering a seamless digital valet experience for guests. For those establishments that want to take the guest experience to the next level, [...]

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How Valet Operators Can Turn Big Data Into Big Revenue

What’s the most valuable commodity in the world? If you think it’s oil, then you’re correct... last century. But we live in a new era, and if tech giants from Google to Facebook have taught us anything, it’s that data is the most valuable commodity in the 21st Century. Many Silicon Valley titans rely on [...]

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Go Green With SMS Valet Technology

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Join TEZ at International Parking Institute Conference and Expo

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